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Zenmuse X5R without Lens but with SSD

$3,299.00 (exc. GST)

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The Zenmuse X5R incorporates a powerful four-thirds Micro sensor, a first in the world of aerial cameras. Eight times larger than the sensor of the old X3 camera from the Inspire 1, this new Micro 4/3 sensor can record images of exceptional quality and fidelity over a dynamic range of 100 to 25 600 ISO. Thanks to its complex balance between high resolution, precise gradation and low noise, it will allow you to realize your artistic and creative vision like never before.


To create the world's first fully integrated professional aerial imagery system, the Zenmuse X5R has been designed from the ground up to be fully compatible with DJI's most sophisticated quadcopter Inspire 1. With a camera capable of 360 degrees rotation and support for two radio controls, the Inspire 1 is the preferred take-off platform for image lovers as well as professionals from around the world. Now, a simple installation procedure is enough to upgrade your Inspire 1's camera to the Zenmuse X5R, dramatically increasing its imaging capabilities while maintaining reliability and ease of use.


The Zenmuse X5R offers an unprecedented level of control. With intuitive autofocus mode, you can simply touch the screen of your mobile device to focus the camera on a specific area. It's as easy as using a smartphone camera! Manual focus, shutter, white balance and aperture control modes are also available, giving you total freedom and creating the photo of your dreams. With the Zenmuse X5R, you are the only master on board.


With the Zenmuse X5R, DJI for the first time offers the raw power of the RAW format to a dedicated aerial camera. Capable of recording 4K (3840 x 2160) RAW videos up to 30 frames per second, the Zenmuse X5R gives you the ability to record every video with all of its original data intact, giving you control total to edit each frame as a RAW file. Combined with a maximum bit rate of 2.4 Gbps, the 4K videos recorded by the Zenmuse X5R will amaze you with their level of accuracy and sharpness never equaled by another aerial camera.


With its powerful MFT sensor, the Zenmuse X5R is capable of producing 16-megapixel still images that are print-ready and incredibly sharp. With its high-sensitivity image recording capabilities of stunning quality, the Zenmuse X5R takes photographs in both JPEG and RAW formats, which meet the highest quality standards. The extra pixels (25% more than the camera of the first Inspire 1) give you more detailed images, but also more postprocessing possibilities. The P / S / A / M shooting modes are all available, giving you the freedom to shoot as you like.


Perfectly integrated with the camera, a three-axis platform uses the world's leading DJI stabilization technology to automatically stabilize your camera in flight. During flight, this pod communicates constantly with the aircraft, and powerful brushless engines react instantly to the slightest movement to keep the camera stable, even for long exposures or time-lapse. Focus on the image to be recorded, without worrying about anything else: the result will certainly be stable and ready to use.


With its intuitive interface, the DJI GO app allows you to remotely control the camera of the Zenmuse X5R, adjust each parameter on the fly and point the camera directly to what you want to shoot or shoot. From 360-degree camera movement to a wide range of manual settings including aperture, focus, shutter speed, and white balance, you control every aspect of the camera with ease. DJI GO.


The Zenmuse X5 uses the best of DJI's technological and industrial skills: precision made from high quality magnesium alloys, it is able to withstand intensive use in the field. Compact and lightweight for easy transport and increased flight time, the Zenmuse X5R is ready to accompany you on every shoot.


You can adjust the focus remotely in full flight using the DJI GO app or the DJI Focus system. To do this, simply connect the new Focus Tracking Controller to the remote control of the Inspire 1. You can control the appearance of your shots accurately with a physical and familiar focus wheel.

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