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Spark Part 8 Battery Charging Hub

$119.00 (exc. GST)

Product Details

Spark's Battery Charging Hub is designed to charge up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries in sequence or simultaneously. It optimises the charging based on the batteries' power levels and cell voltage. When battery temperatures are low, the Charging Hub will limit the charging current to prevent a hazard and prolong battery life.


Brand DJI
MPN DJISpark-08
EAN 6958265149009
Compatible Battery Charger Spark Battery Charger (F1C50 Version 2)
Compatible Battery Model MB1; 1480 mAh, 11.4 V
Operating Temperature Range 32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C)
Input Voltage 13.05 V
Input Current 3.83 A
Weight 0.14 lbs (67.2 g)

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