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SQL Navigator provides the tools you need to cut Oracle PL/SQL server-side development time in half.
PL/SQL development can be a tedious and time-consuming job often monopolizing the valuable time and efforts of Oracle developers. SQL Navigator is a PL/SQL development solution that streamlines workflow by adding a drag-and-drop, graphical user interface to the PL/SQL development environment.
SQL Navigator speeds the development of Oracle-based applications and combines coding, tuning, debugging, Web development and version control to deliver higher quality applications and save valuable time. General Information
Product Name SQL Navigator Oracl Xpert Seat Mnt Pack
Manufacturer Part Number XPT-NAV-PK
Package Type Retail
Distribution Media / Method CD-ROM
Product Type Software
License Information
License Type Complete Product
License Pricing Standard
License Quantity 1 User
Product Information
Software Main Type Development
Software Sub Type Programming Utility
Software Name SQL Navigator v.3.2 Xpert Edition
Language Supported English
Platform Supported PC
Other Information
Ensure optimal productivity and application performance
Improve database development with the ability to drag-and-drop SQL code
Easily develop and tune database code with enhanced GUI
Advanced support for version control integration
Enhanced support for Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and Java databases
CodeXpertlaunch window, allows you to visualize your software quality, shorten test cycles, lower error rates, reduce maintenance efforts, uncover software changes, and locate high-risk code through industry leading metrics and test coverage techniques
Improved support for XML datatypes
ER Diagramlaunch window (entity relationship diagram) feature to quickly model a table and graphically see the dependencies and joins to other tables
Code Roadmaplaunch window feature allows you to graphically see the complex interdependencies your PL/SQL code within the database
Integrated and enhanced SQL Tuning component (Xpert edition) with Improved Optimization Intelligence, best practices, scanning, inspecting and testing for scalability (with Benchmark Factory)
SQL Tuning automates the optimization of SQL statements
Compatibility Citrix Support:
SQL Navigator can be published to users in a Citrix environment to ease administration and deployment
System Requirements Processor:
Intel 486 or higher
Operating System:
Windows 95 or Windows 98
Optical Drive:
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Manufacturer SonicWall
Manuf Part# XPT-NAV-PK
Price $2099.75
Availability In Stock

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