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Product Details

User Experience
The Skype for Business client is very similar to the commercial version of Skype and uses the same buttons and icons. The smaller number of menus and the flatter hierarchy of tasks makes it easier to find the controls and commands that are needed.

Skype for Business includes the new user experience described above and the Lync 2013 user experience previously published. The inclusion of both experiences allows companies to manage the changes of their users by controlling the process and the time of the launch of the new client. The default user experience depends on the version of the server you are using. Administrators choose the experience they prefer with the Set-Cs ClientPolicy cmdlet with the EnableSkypeUI parameter.

Voice and Video Enhancements
Skype for Business Server 2015 includes improvements in voice and video features, such as data collection and analysis and improved interoperability with third-party video conferencing systems.

Collecting and analyzing call data
The Rate My Call feature allows Skype for Business Server 2015 administrators to collect call data. It is only available for local deployments. Users will be asked to complete a survey after completing a call.

Improved interoperability with third-party video conferencing systems
The video interoperability server (VIS) acts as an intermediate between Skype for Business Server and Cisco video conferencing (VTC) systems. By joining a meeting, users can now opt for a Cisco VTC system. The video interoperability server is implemented as a separate server role for local deployments.

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