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Inspire 1 Part 93 Aircraft (Excl RC/Battery Charger) V2.0

$2,899.00 (exc. GST)

Product Details

DJI offers Inspire 1 v2.0 with the aircraft feature only. It does not include the radio controller (transmitter), camera and gimbal system, battery, or battery charger. It is intended for users who have these accessories and simply need to replace the aircraft itself.


Brand DJI
Weight 6.27 lbs
Horizontal ±8.20 feet (2.5 m)
Max Angular Velocity Pitch 300°/s
Max Ascent Speed 16.4 ft/s (5 m/s)
Max Descent Speed 13.1 ft/s (4 m/s)
Max Flight Time Approx 18 min
Operating Temperature 14° to 104° F (-10° to 40° C)
Max Takeoff Weight 7.71 lbs(3500 g)
Max Takeoff Sea Level 1.55 mi (2500 m)

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